The PS Black Ops team consists of:

  • Matt Johnson
  • John Bruckler

Both Matt and John work in Cyber Security, and use PowerShell daily. This site, and the PSBlackOps github organization are about sharing our knowledge and experiences with other people. This is our way of giving back to the community, as well as challenging each other to get better.

About Matt

Matt Johnson is a senior information security engineering and design associate for a Fortune 500 company. In addition to writing standards, driving the enterprise privileged account management solution deployment and maintaining the corporate hardening standards, Matt designs, deploys and maintains corporate information security solutions.

In the past, Matt was a founding member of #misec and an organizer for Converge Detroit and BSides Detroit. Matt currently is a member of the Michigan Cyber Civilian Corps, maintains the PoshSec PowerShell project, and is the co-founder of PS Black Ops.

Matt has spoken at numerous information security conferences including GrrCON, DerbyCon and several BSides events. Additionally, Matt has spoken at several PowerShell usergroups and a PowerShell Saturday.

In addition to contributing to numerous open source projects, Matt also enjoys spending time with his son and playing video games.

Fun facts:

  • Created the PoshSec PowerShell Module
  • Been using PowerShell since before it was cool
  • Likes video games, comic books and chilling with his son

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About John

During the day, John works in Incident Response, with a focus on orchestration.

Fun facts:

  • Old enough to remember a time before PowerShell existed shudders
  • Been using PowerShell almost daily since 2008 (PowerShell v1 days)
  • Also likes video games, comic books and chilling with family

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